Bobi Cespedes in Concert & Workshop

BRAVA! Theater Center

Brava presents a evening of Cuban music featuring Bay Area vocal great Bobi Céspedes and the inventive Pellejo Seco.A portion of the theater will be cleared for a dance floor, so come ready to groove to the sounds of Afro-Cuba and beyond! SUN WORKSHOP: Orisha Oyá workshop with Bobi Céspedes

This is what SF/Arts curator Laura Fraenza had to say about Bobi Cespedes in Concert & Workshop :

Classic Cuban chanteuse and Yorùbán priestess Bobi Cespedes has been promoting the music and culture of her country here for more than 40 years. She her band of Latin jazz masters touch down at the Mission’s Brava Theater for an evening of performance (preceded by a VIP reception) and a Sunday workshop steeped in the songs and stories of Yoruba mythology to encourage positive transformation.

Event Info
Aug 18 → Aug 19
Concert Sat at 8 pm; Workshop Sun at 2 pm
Brava Theater Center Cabaret
2781 24th St. , San Francisco
Info: 641-7657
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