Red Scare on Sunset

New Conservatory Theatre Center

Presenting the San Francisco premiere of Charles Busch's Red Scare on Sunset. It's 1950s Hollywood and the Cold War is about to come knocking on silver-screen star Mary Dale's palatial front door: her husband's Method acting class is a front for the Communist party and threatens to destroy everything she holds dear. Mary must rally to defend her marriage, Hollywood and the American way in this outrageously funny and ironically timely parody that "seduces with the shameless allure of an old movie trailer" (New York Newsday).

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman has to say about Red Scare on Sunset :

This San Francisco premiere by nationally prominent playwright Charles Busch is a zany, campy satire. It spoofs 1950s Hollywood and the Cold War era’s pernicious anti-Communist fervor, spearheaded by Senator Joseph McCarthy, which destroyed careers in the film industry. Allen Sawyer directs; the eight-member New Conservatory cast includes J. Conrad Frank (aka Katya Smirnoff-Skyy) as beleaguered movie star Mary Dale.

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Sep 29 → Oct 21
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New Conservatory Theatre Center
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