Shiver We Timbers

Samuel Peachers' Peripatetic Players

Shiver We Timbers!, based on pirate stories from history, pop culture, and myth, features a structure inspired by "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, and original songs as well as new takes on traditional sea shanties. The adventure begins when the Players set theatrical sail on the high seas, but when they can't decide what course to take, it's up to the audience to weigh in. The audience is asked to "choose their own adventure" at key points in the narrative, which will alter the story and outcome -- sometimes resulting in the epic demise of one or all Players, or the audience themselves. And like a choose-your-own adventure book, the story can pick up again at a different spot to keep the fun going.

Event Info
Jul 07 → Aug 12
Times vary; see website for details
, San Francisco
Info: 510.542.9009
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