Latin Standards

The Marsh

Written and Performed by Marga Gomez; directed by David Schweizer. Gomez explores the loving, funny, and true story of perseverance and creative addiction passed down from immigrant father to lesbian daughter as she portrays herself as a driven adult child of a blustery Cuban showman. Between vivid portrayals of characters from 1960's Manhattan to present day San Francisco, Gomez ponders the ballads penned by her late father Willy Chevalier: a comedian, producer, entrepreneur, and composer of dance tunes steeped in jealously and obsession.

Event Info
Oct 05 → Nov 17
Fri at 8 pm & Sat at 8:30 pm
$25-$35 sliding scale, $55-$100 reserved
The Marsh Berkeley
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley
Info: 415-282-3055
Venue: 826-5750
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