Cruisin' The Fossil Coastline

Oakland Museum of California

Drop back in time to see the natural environment of California in a new way. Discover the connections between art and science through fantastically colorful renderings by artist Ray Troll and the research of paleontologist Kirk Johnson, who made an incredible journey to map the ancient world with a fresh perspective. Together, the fossil-loving scientist and his artist friend paint a vivid picture of the land and creatures that once roamed the West Coast thousands of years ago. Learn how fossils teach us about how California's landscape, plants, and animals have evolved over millions of years. With the addition of sculpture, maps, a giant sloth--or Paramylodon harlani--and other fossils and bones from the collections of OMCA and the California Academy of Sciences, and a fun hands-on activity, this exhibition will thrill fossil fans and curious culture-seekers alike. The exhibition is organized by the Anchorage Museum.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Cruisin' The Fossil Coastline :

Fossil geeks, this one’s for you. Organized by the Anchorage Art Museum, this exhibition considers the visual images produced by artist Ray Troll and paleontologist Kirk Johnson which explore the varied creatures who roamed the West Coast thousands of years ago; a selection of fossils and other ephemera, including a giant sloth from OMCA, brings the fantasy to life.

Event Info
Nov 10 → Mar 17
Wed & Thu 11 aam-5 pm, Fri 11 am-10 pm & Sat-Sun 10 am-6 pm
Oakland Museum
Oak and 10th, Oakland
Info: 510-318-8400
Venue: 888/625-6873
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