I hope all is well…

500 Capp St.

Presenting Tony Matelli's first solo exhibition in San Francisco. This exhibit features a series of highly produced, representational artworks using materials such as bronze, marble, and silicone. The end result is anything but traditional sculpture.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about I hope all is well… :

Tony Matelli’s sculptures have been described by curator Bob Lindner as “lifelike, seductive and beautifully wrong.” Emulating quotidian objects and materials, Matelli’s sculptures in bronze, marble and silicon imbue the everyday with a sense of permanence—much like the work of the late, great David Ireland, whose essence and lifelong work is ever-present in this gem historical site.

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Jun 23 → Oct 13
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500 Capp St.
500 Capp Street, San Francisco
Info: 415.986.1571
Venue: 415.986.1571
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