"What They Said About Love"

The Marsh

Steve Budd's "What They Said About Love" will transfer from The Marsh Berkeley to The Marsh San Francisco in July. In this absorbing solo show, Steve wonders why other people can--and why he can't--tie the knot. In "What They Said About Love," Budd sheds light on how people meet and make it to the altar, the push and pull of relationships, singles who can't seem to settle down, and more.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jean Schiffman had to say about "What They Said About Love" :

Steve Budd’s solo show comes to the San Francisco from a long run in Berkeley. Developed with David Ford and directed by Mark Kenward, it presents an eclectic cast of characters—all played by Budd, of course—including a New Age couple and a pair of metalheads, each exploring the timeless vagaries of romance. Stay for talkbacks after the show.

Event Info
Jul 19 → Aug 18
Thurs. at 8pm, Sat. at 5pm
$20-$35 sliding scale, $55 and $100 reserved
The Marsh
1062 Valencia, San Francisco
Info: 415-282-3055
Venue: 826-5750
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