The Companions

M.H. de Young Museum

The Companions: Sounds for a Lost Screenplay. Hamon Observation Tower. This cinematic audio environment was created by Skywalker Sound Supervising Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom and Sound Designer Josh Gold, working in collaboration with visual artist Anthony Discenza. As the first commissioned artist project for this iconic observation floor, the piece makes full use of the sweeping views as a series of filmic "frames" with accompanying immersive sounds. Based on The Companions, a screenplay for a quasi-science-fiction thriller set in early 80s San Francisco, the work functions as an "auditory cinema" of sorts that explores the vital role sound plays in shaping narrative and affective space in film.

Event Info
Jun 17 → Sep 04
Tue–Sun 9:30 am–5:15 pm; Hamon Education Tower Observation Level close one hour prior to the museum’s close
de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, San Francisco
Info: 415-750-3600
Venue: 863-3330
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