Dinh Q. Lê: True Journey Is Return

San Jose Museum of Art

SJMA is organizing the largest solo exhibition in the United States in more than a decade of the work of internationally-renowned artist Dinh Q. Lê. Highlighting the artist's ongoing experimentations in narrative and storytelling, the exhibition features four major video and photography installations, along with a selection of rarely seen floral photo-weavings. Dinh Q. Lê: True Journey Is Return entwines unknown or rarely heard narratives of war and migration from people in North Vietnam, people of the Vietnamese diaspora, and refugees who, like Lê himself, have recently returned to Vietnam.

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Sep 14 → Apr 07
Tuesday–Sunday, 11 AM–5 PM
San Jose Museum of Art
110 South Market, San Jose
Info: 408-271-6840
Venue: 408/294-2787
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