Womxn, Omen, W0mén

Chinese Culture Center

"Womxn, Omen, W0mén in Chinatown: Reimagining Symbols of Power and Access" is a project featuring three emerging female artists from Chinatown - Bijun Liang, Shisi Huang and Vida Kuang - to explore gender and struggles for equity in the neighborhood and beyond, while engaging the community. All artworks are inspired by stories from Chinatown. Presented by the Chinese Culture Center at 41 Ross as a part of "Building a Museum Without Walls."

Event Info
May 05 → Jun 17
Thurs-Sunday, 11-4pm
Free Admission
41 Ross Gallery
41 Ross Alley, San Francisco, CA
Info: 415-986-1822
Venue: 415-555-5555
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