Andras Schiff Plays & Conducts J.S. Bach

San Francisco Symphony

Andras Schiff, Conductor and Piano; San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Ragnar Bohlin Director; San Francisco Symphony. Program: J.S. Bach - Keyboard Concerto No. 4; J.S. Bach - Orchestral Suite No. 3; J.S. Bach - Keyboard Concerto No. 7; Mendelssohn - Lobgesang.

Event Info
Ends in 93 days:
Feb 14 → Feb 17
Thu and Sun at 2 PM, Fri at 8 PM
TBD; Tickets will go on sale July 9, 2018.
Davies Symphony Hall
201 Van Ness, San Francisco
Info: 415-864-6000
Venue: 864-6000
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