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Michael Ondaatje

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Michael Ondaatje is one of the world's foremost writers--his artistry and aesthetic have influenced an entire generation of writers and readers. Although he is best known as a novelist, Ondaatje's work also encompasses poetry, memoir, and film, and reveals a passion for defying conventional form.

This is what SF/Arts curator Betsy Crabtree had to say about Michael Ondaatje :

Though perhaps best known for his Booker Prize-winning novel “The English Patient,” Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje is also a poet and filmmaker who has had a significant impact on a generation of writers and readers. At City Arts & Lectures, he discusses his new novel “Warlight,” a coming-of-age story about two teenagers abandoned by their mysterious parents in post-war London; with Steven Winn. $29.

Event Info
May 30
Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Sydney Goldstein Theater (formerly Nourse Theater)
275 Hayes Street, San Francisco
Info: 415-563-2463
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