Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.: Noise on the Walls

The Compound Gallery/Oakland

Known for his uniform of a pink shirt and overalls and his provocative political and racial commentary, Kennedy, the proprietor of Kennedy Prints! abandoned his career as a computer programmer to become a printmaker at the age of 40. He has been producing personal and commissioned prints ever since. He also travels the country spreading his philosophies about life and the art of printmaking. The artist's current project is the construction of a printing plant in Detroit for anyone interested in letterpress printing, bookbinding and papermaking.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.: Noise on the Walls :

Unabashedly political, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. was featured in a 2008 feature-length documentary titled "Proceed and Be Bold" after abandoning a career in computer programming to become a printmaker at the age of 40. Last chance to catch this immersive, floor-to-ceiling installation of his social justice commentary-50 percent from all sales benefits the Oakland Library's Golden Gate Branch.

Event Info
Jan 20 → Mar 11
Wed-Sun noon-7 pm
The Compound Gallery and Studios
1167 65th Street, Oakland
Info: 844-278-7447
Venue: 510.601.1702
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