Liam Everett

Altman Siegel Gallery

Fais semblant qu'on n'est pas ici, 2018. Building on recent investigations, Everett presents a new body of work that unfolds interrelated systems and interpretations of support. Fais semblant qu'on n'est pas ici includes new paintings, sculpture and a raised floor. Highlighting the gallery space through a transformation of architecture and light, Everett's installation emphasizes the physical act of supporting a painting, the routine practice an artist undertakes daily, as well as pedagogical rituals shaped through rehearsal.

Event Info
Jan 09 → Mar 03
Tue-Fri 10 am–6 pm; Sat 11 am–5 pm
Altman Siegel Gallery
1150 25th St. , San Francisco
Info: 576-9300
Venue: 576-9300
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