Gideon Rubin

Hosfelt Gallery

Gideon Rubin's paintings are replete with dichotomy. Their subject matter, taken from found early twentieth-century photos, is unapologetically nostalgic--yet the work is not saccharine. Austere and elemental, the palate is subdued, subtle, seemingly faded. Forms are reduced to a few sure brushstrokes that suggest rather than describe a figure or landscape.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Gideon Rubin :

Israel-born Gideon Rubin's oil paintings borrow from the compositions of found photography and the intimate images that compromise commonplace memories of loved ones and sentimental landscapes. Absent of identifying features, Rubin's figures invite emotional transference, allowing the viewer to interject meaning drawn from their own recollections and sense of place.

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