Javanese Shadow Play

UC Berkeley Dept. of Music

Featuring Midiyanto, accompanied by Gamelan Sari Raras (Midiyanto and Ben Brinner, directors), featuring Heni Savitri and guest drummer Djoko Walujo Wimboprasetyo. The ensemble plays on an exquisite set of instruments named Gamelan Kyahi Udan Mas, donated to the Department of Music by Sam and Louise Scripps, who also donated an equally beautiful set of shadow puppets which are used in Sari Raras's shadow play performances.

Event Info
Apr 28
Saturday 7:30pm
Tickets: $15 General Admission, $12 non-UCB students, seniors, current/retired UCB faculty and staff, groups 10+, $5 UCB students
Hertz Hall
101 Sproul Hall, Berkeley
Info: 510-642-2678
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