Community Pi Day


Presenting the 31st annual Pi Day, the mathematical holiday founded at the Exploratorium and celebrated by number lovers around the world. To honor the never-ending number 3.14159... (and Einstein's birthday), there are pi-themed activities, rituals, antics, and plenty of pie. Find out what's so special about this famous mathematical constant, and take your (decimal) place in the annual march to the Pi Shrine!

This is what SF/Arts curator Jack Hirsch had to say about Community Pi Day :

Enjoy pi-themed talks, activities and more, followed by plenty of free pie and a march to the Pi Shrine at The Exploratorium celebration of Pi Day, founded by Exploratorium physicist Larry Shaw. Pi Day is, not coincidentally, also the anniversary of Albert Einstein's birthday. All ages are welcome.

Event Info
Mar 14
Wed 10 am-5 pm
Pier 15, San Francisco
Info: 4155284444
Venue: 563-7337
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