Henry Horenstein: Tales from the 70's

Scott Nichols Gallery

Presenting the work of acclaimed photographer Henry Horenstein. More than anything, Henry likes a good story. And he tries to tell one in a direct way, with humor and a punch line, if possible. With this in mind, Horenstein has photographed country musicians in Nashville, his family and friends in Massachusetts, horse racing at Saratoga, boxing in Brockton (City of Champions) and elsewhere, old highways everywhere, everyone in Cajun Louisiana, stock car racing, wrestlers, and so much more. And that was just in the 1970's, work you see in this show.

Event Info
Jan 09 → Feb 24
Tue-Sat 11 am- 5:30 pm
Scott Nichols Gallery
49 Geary, San Francisco
Info: 415/788-4641
Venue: 788-4641
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