Miya Ando: Oborozuki

Nancy Toomey Fine Art

Miya Ando's inspiration for this exhibition is the Japanese word "Oborozuki," meaning "the moon obscured by clouds." Pieces in the show include a new series of paintings on aluminum entitled "Yoake (Dawn)," ink on aluminum called "Kumo (Cloud)," as well as works on paper, "Gekkou (Moonlight)."

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Miya Ando: Oborozuki :

In Japanese, oborozuki means “moon obscured by clouds.” With this body of new paintings made from uncommon materials, Miya Ando explores the possibilities for conjuring presence from absence. A series of paintings created from ink on aluminum composite, as well as with drawings made with silver leaf and with glass sculpture, the artist explores transparent opacity as form.  

Event Info
Jan 04 → Feb 22
Tue-Fri 11 am-5:30 pm, Sat 11 am-5 pm
Nancy Toomey Fine Art
1275 Minnesota St. , San Francisco
Info: 415-307-9038
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