Eric Ruby: Kamper Sweet Kamper

Goodnight Projects

In his installation at Goodnight Projects, Eric Ruby's photographs are adhered to swaths of dyed fabric and stitched together, creating a homespun patchwork of non-linear time, an alternate way of measuring that is less rigid and more persona

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Eric Ruby: Kamper Sweet Kamper :

Photography by Eric Ruby occupies an unusual installation—each photograph is offered against a fabric backdrop, the gridded accumulation of which assumes the impression of a room-sized country quilt. The exhibition proposes “a meditative view into a circumstantial rural experience,” evoking the sense of a breeze across a prairie, roadside stands and country sparsity. 

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Dec 01 → Jan 12
By appt. only; call or text for appt.
Goodnight Projects
4391 24th Street, San Francisco
Info: (415) 359-5692
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