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Featuring readings from Vanessa Hua (Deceit and Other Possibilities), Chiyuma Elliott (California Winter League), Ross Simonini (The Book of Formation), Gravity Goldberg, and others.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp had to say about InsideStoryTime :

For over a decade, InsideStoryTime has produced monthly events around the Bay Area, featuring largely fiction readings in a fun, cozy environment. Recently, the series has been alternating between San Francisco and Oakland. This month features Vanessa Hua (“Deceit and Other Possibilities”), Chiyuma Elliott (“California Winter League”), Ross Simonini (“The Book of Formation”) and Gravity Goldberg.

Event Info
Jan 18
Thu at 7 pm
Farley's East/Oakland
33 Grand Ave, Oakland
Info: 510/835-7898
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