Petra Cortright at Ever Gold [Projects]

Ever Gold [Projects]

Petra Cortright | lambergani lambirgini lamborghini lambourgini. Petra Cortright's core practice is the creation and distribution of digital files, whether they be videos, GIFs, or JPEGs, using consumer or corporate software and platforms. Cortright's paintings on aluminum, linen, paper, or acrylic are created in Photoshop using painting software and appropriated images, icons, and marks. Opening Reception: January 13, 5-8 pm

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Petra Cortright at Ever Gold [Projects] :

Petra Cortright uses digital media as her primary medium. She creates self-portrait videos for YouTube with her web cam; she also assembles digital collages created from found images, icons and even found marks in Photoshop using painting software. These works are presented as digital paintings, printed on anodized aluminum—often quite massive and startling.

Event Info
Jan 10 → Mar 24
Wednesday - Saturday, 12-5 pm
Ever Gold [Projects]
1275 Minnesota St. , San Francisco
Info: 415-254-1573
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