Klea McKenna: Witness Mark


Witness Mark will feature new "photographic rubbings" of the textures of concentric tree-rings and a large installation of hand-embossed imprints of earth and concrete depicting a fractured imaginary landscape. The exhibition also debuts new work that reveals intricate photographic reliefs of textiles. Fraying fibers and unraveling embroidery imprint their flaws onto the photographic paper in crystalline detail. These threadbare fabrics act as surrogates for the very bodies that made and wore them. McKenna's incisive explorations of broken patterns record the story of each subject through its imperfections. She depicts these ruptures in the landscape and material culture as allegories for human emotional experience.

Event Info
Nov 30 → Jan 03
By appt.
Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota St., San Francisco
Info: 823-2990
Venue: (415) 243-0825
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