Literary Arts

Matthew Zapruder and Louise Glück

Kepler's Literary Foundation

Join two of America's leading poets for an evening of why poetry matters. Matthew Zapruder's work has appeared everywhere from the New Yorker to the Paris Review. Louise Gluck has won a Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and countless more accolades. They will read from some of their favorite works, read from the original prose on the importance of poetry, and share just why it is we come back to poetry generation after generation.

This is what SF/Arts curator Evan Karp had to say about Matthew Zapruder and Louise Glück :

Beloved Bay Area poet Matthew Zapruder (“Sun Bear,” “Come On All You Ghosts”) discusses his book “Why Poetry” with U.S. Poet Laureate Emeritus Louise Gluck (most recently, “Faithful and Virtuous Night”). Zapruder’s first attempt at prose, the book is a series of meditations on poetry. The poets read some of their favorite works and discuss why, generation after generation, we return to poetry.

Event Info
Jan 17
Wed at 7:30pm
Kepler's Bookstore/Menlo Park
1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park
Info: (650) 324-4321
Venue: (650) 324-4321
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