20/20/ Vision

Mercury 20 Gallery/Oakland

Group show

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about 20/20/ Vision :

20/20 Vision, this end of year/beginning of year group exhibition is a play on words using the gallery’s name – it features many of the members of this artist-run Oakland gallery, including works by Johanna Poethig, Fernando Reyes, KC Rosenberg, Ruth Tabancay, and Kerry Vander Meer, among others.  Each artist is contributing some 20 small affordable works to the exhibition.

Photo:Sara Lisch
Event Info
Nov 30 → Jan 06
Thu-Sat 12-6pm
Mercury 20 Gallery/Oakland
475 25th St, Oakland
Info: 510 701 4620
Venue: 510 701 4620
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