Stefan Kurten: Millefleurs

Hosfelt Gallery

In his eighth solo exhibition, marking the 20th anniversary of working with Hosfelt Gallery, Kürten explores the deep and universal yearning to find "the perfect home." With eleven paintings on paper, Kürten imagines what the perfect home would look like. Chic. Modern. Glassy. Immaculate. Affluent. Open. Enveloped by and harmonious with nature. Safe. Epitomizing the dazzling promise of economic prosperity and social stability in the post-World War II West. These images exert a powerful emotional pull. Yet are also -- often indefinably -- uncanny.

Event Info
Oct 21 → Dec 02
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10am-5:30pm, Thu 11am-7pm
Hosfelt Gallery
260 Utah, San Francisco
Info: 415-495-5454
Venue: 495-5454
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