Adam Fuss: Liquids 1987-2017

Fraenkel Gallery

Liquids, and their infinite variety of forms, have been a central preoccupation for Fuss since his earliest works made in the 1980s. This exhibition, through an in-depth focus on this single element so essential to human life, explores the expressive potential of liquids in a variety of dynamic states. Made without a camera, Fuss's photograms and daguerreotypes are distilled to the essential components of the photographic medium: light, subject matter, and photo-sensitive paper or metal. Reception Nov 2 5:30-7:30 pm

Event Info
Nov 02 → Dec 23
Tuesday–Friday 10:30–5:30; Saturday 11–5
Fraenkel Gallery
49 Geary, San Francisco
Info: 415.981.2661
Venue: 981-2661
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