19th Annual SF International Hip Hop DanceFest


This year the festival welcomes international artists from London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Mexico City, and Spain. Stateside, SFIHDDF hosts dancers from Houston, Denver, Nashville, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and locally from Redwood City, Oakland, and San Francisco. More than 100 individuals will take the stage at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre mixing skillfulness with artistry and storytelling. Under the umbrella of hip hop, SFIHHDF showcases work that draws variously from b-boying, freestyle, jazz, modern, mime, locking, tap, house, popping and more.

Event Info
Nov 17 → Nov 19
Program A: Fri at 8 pm & Sun at 2 pm; Program B: Sat at 8 pm & Sun at 7 pm
Palace of Fine Arts Theater
3301 Lyons, San Francisco
Info: 415-392-4400 (tickets)
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