Halloween Hoopla

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

The annual Halloween Hoopla features interactive performances and games for kids under 10 and their adults. The program culminates in the eagerly awaited Halloween Costume Parade, where everyone is welcome to show off their Halloween finery.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jack Hirsch had to say about Halloween Hoopla :

The 17th annual Halloween Hoopla includes live music, clowns and interactive Halloween activities such as games in the pumpkin patch. The day ends with the highly anticipated Halloween Costume Parade, in which everyone gets the opportunity to show off their costumes.

Event Info
Oct 29
Sun noon-2 pm
Yerba Buena Gardens/Outdoor Esplanade
760 Howard St, San Francisco
Info: 543-1718
Venue: 415-543-1718
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