Crafting Something from Nothing

University of San Francisco

Crafting Something from Nothing: Voices from the Camps. Poetry, memoir and performances by survivors and their ancestors, followed by a reception in the gallery. Participants include Brian Komei Dempster, Barbara Horiuchi, Janice Mirikitani, Brynn Saito, Sumer Seiki, Florence Ohmura Dobashi, Sato Hashizume, Kazuko Iwahashi, Jon Osaki, Toru Saito, Harumi Serata and more. Co-sponsored by USF's Asian Pacific American Studies department and the Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies program.

Event Info
Sep 14 → Nov 15
Thu 5-6:30 pm
Thacher Gallery/USF
Fulton and Parker, San Francisco
Info: 415-422-5178
Venue: 422-2311
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