Marlon Brando: The Fugitive Kind

UC Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive

Films include: "A Streetcar Named Desire;" "The Wild One;" "On the Waterfront;" "One-Eyed Jacks;" "The Fugitive Kind;" and others. Visit the website for complete info.

This is what SF/Arts curator Sura Wood had to say about Marlon Brando: The Fugitive Kind :

With his “method acting” and animal magnetism, Marlon Brando’s brand of dangerous, charged and beautiful male sexuality burned up stage and screen from the 1950s onward, inspiring inheritors such as James Dean, Paul Newman, De Niro and Pacino. This series maps his development from his auspicious debut in “The Men” as a paralyzed W.W.II veteran through his explosive performance as Stanley in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “The Godfather,” roles he owns.

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Sep 01 → Oct 28
Visit the website
Visit the website
Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive
2155 Center Street , Berkeley
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