The Art & Science of Pinball

Chabot Space & Science Center

The science, engineering, design, whimsy and style covering nearly 200 years of the evolution of pinball will be featured in this new exhibition. Thirty-five pinball machines--many of which the public can use--will be featured, from Parlor Bagatelle and Surf Queens, early flipperless games, all the way to the Hobbit from 2016.

This is what SF/Arts curator Jack Hirsch had to say about The Art & Science of Pinball :

Thirty-five pinball machines are on display, from simple flipperless games to arcade favorites like the Hobbit (2016). Not to be missed: a see-through machine and models that explain how the machines work. Check the website for a list of associated activities and programs.

Event Info
Jul 01 → Sep 24
Wed-Sun 10 am-5 pm
Chabot Space & Science Center
10000 Skyline Blvd., Oakland
Info: 510-336-7373
Venue: 510/530-3480
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