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Children of the Love


For decades, Northern California has been Ground Zero for countercultural communities, rejecting conventional suburbia in favor of individualism and personal freedom. But what happens to children with this background, growing up amid such unorthodox family dynamics? Three Bay Area authors with recent memoirs discuss their experiences growing up in the shadow of the Summer of Love. With Alysia Abbott, Clane Hayward, Joshua Safran, Jason Roberts.

This is what SF/Arts curator Various had to say about Children of the Love :

If you were a kid during that tumultuous period that included the Summer of Love, you might very well want to write about your youthful experiences. Bay Area authors Alysia Abbott (who grew up in the Haight), Clane Hayward (a native San Franciscan raised here in the West among hippies) and Joshua Safran (born into a coven of witches in a Haight commune!) all did so. They’ll discuss their new memoirs with moderator Gabe Meline of KQED Arts.

Event Info
Jun 20
Tue at 6 pm
California Historical Society
, San Francisco
Info: 415.357.1848
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