Echo Poems

Jack Fischer Gallery | Minnesota Street Project

Presenting an exhibition of collages by Bay Area artists Catie O'Leary and Vanessa Woods. The show highlights collage work by each artist, as well selections from their 6-year mail art exchange and other collaborative works. The title, echo poems, refers to a Surrealist game. To create an Echo Poem, participants paired words based on phonetic resonance rather than contextual meaning, thereby challenging rational associations. In a similar vein, both O'Leary and Woods combine disparate elements to create new associations that defy rational comprehension. Closing reception Apr 1 4-6 pm.

Event Info
Feb 18 → Apr 01
Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 - 5:30 pm, and by appointment.
Jack Fischer Gallery | Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco
Info: 415 522 1178
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