Sanaz Mazinani

SF Camerawork

Sanaz Mazinani is an artist, curator, and educator born in Tehran, Iran and based in San Francisco. Her work in photography, public art, and large-scale multimedia installations engage conceptual and formal boundaries of the photographic image. For this site-specific exhibition, Mazinani will present an array of artworks based on images mined from the Internet and transformed into dazzling, intricately patterned three-dimensional photo montages evocative of traditional Islamic ornamentation.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Sanaz Mazinani :

Sanaz Mazinani’s spectacular mixed-media works are created by mining the internet for digital images that she then arranges referencing the elaborate patterning of Islamic ornamentation. The result is a visually dazzling display of collaged images that simultaneously reflect on contemporary political discourse and antiquity, as well as digital culture and media saturation.

Event Info
Feb 16 → Apr 22
Tue-Fri noon-6 pm, Sat noon-5 pm
SF Camerawork
1011 Market, San Francisco
Info: 415-487-1011
Venue: 512-2020
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