Alex Olson: Crooner

Altman Siegel Gallery

This show is a meditation on searching, comprised of oil paintings and works on paper. The paintings consider the juggling act between the eye and the brain to parse out evidence and desires, sources and analysis, past and present in order to find direction. Accompanying the paintings is a selection of works on paper, completed during the making of the show. These works are like the travelogue of the paintings; they helped in the painting process by serving as sites to record ideas and to play without expectation, which is essential for discovering new solutions.

Event Info
Mar 09 → Apr 22
Tue-Fri 10 am–6 pm; Sat 11 am–5 pm
Altman Siegel Gallery
1150 25th St. , San Francisco
Info: 576-9300
Venue: 576-9300
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