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Presenting an immersive theatrical experience co-created by David Byrne and Mala Gaonkar. This series of interactive environments that Byrne and Gaonkar have created present the emerging work of fifteen cognitive neuroscience labs around the world. In "Neurosociety," groups of ten visitors are guided through five separate spaces, where they will participate in immersive theatrical demonstrations and experiments. Each interaction will reveal how the brain builds a subjective measure of the world and is fundamentally guided by pragmatic concerns anchored in personal experiences.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Neurosociety :

“The Institute Presents: Neurosociety” is an immersive theater performance created by David Byrne–yes, that David Byrne, of Talking Heads fame—and Mala Gaonkar, a technology investor and a trustee of the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The Neurosociety is a ticketed, 80-minute participatory event that presents the work of 15 cognitive neuroscience labs from around the world.

Event Info
Oct 29 → Mar 31
See site for ticketing availability
$45 + processing fee
Pace Menlo Park
300 El Camino Real, Menlo Park
Info: 650.656.8190
Venue: 650.462.1368
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