North Beach Underground

Beat Museum

This tour begins in Jack Kerouac Alley located next to City Lights Booksellers & Publishers at 261 Columbus Ave. Highlights include: A secret underground tunnel, old sailor dive bars, infamous Broadway Street strip joints (we stay outside!), Beatnik jazz clubs & coffee shops, Jack Kerouac alley and more. Length of Tour: approximately 2 hours. For more info, visit:

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about North Beach Underground :

The Beat Museum is dedicated to the literary genius of the Beat Generation and the cohort of artists, poets, writers and musicians who came of age in an iconic moment of 1950s San Francisco history. Walking tours, hosted by Walk SF Tours, takes you out into North Beach to walk the city in the footsteps of legends William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, to name a few.

Event Info
Oct 01 → Dec 31
Sat at 2 pm
$25; *Recommended for guests ages 16+ due to some adult content
, San Francisco
Info: 399-9626
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