Nick Cave

Anderson Collection at Stanford University

Interdisciplinary artist Nick Cave challenges conventions on what it means to be a visual artist, a performer, a crafter, and an educator. Cave is well known for his Soundsuits, full-body sized sculptures, often worn as costumes and performed in. Soundsuits conceal the wearer's identity leaving the viewer with no indication of race, gender, or age.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Nick Cave :

Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits” offer the conflation of many forms of contemporary art, from sculpture to performance to craft, and explores various threads of thinking on race and gender identity politics. Spectacularly crafted, Cave’s mixed-media sculptures are made of everything from sequins to faux fur; see eight “Soundsuits,” along with three videos and a recent documentary.

Collection of Mary Patricia Anderson Pence
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Anderson Collection at Stanford University
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