Bizarre Bazaar

Root Division

Curator: Michael Arcega. This exhibit explores the intersection of cultures and objects within a strange global economic system. The works in this show explore the unexpected connections between commerce, the fetish commodity and the collapse that is often built into the dystopic capitalist system.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Bizarre Bazaar :

Commodity Culture is an exploration of consumerism and cultural expression in the Bay Area, featuring three exhibitions over two months. “Bizarre Bazaar,” curated by artist Michael Arcega, features works by 14 artists, including Terry Berlier, Christy Chan, Whitney Lynn, Rebecca Szeto and Jon-Paul Villegas, among others.

Event Info
Jul 07 → Aug 17
Wed-Sat 2-6pm
Aggregate Space/Oakland
801 West Grand Ave., Oakland
Info: (415) 863-7668
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