Spaces From Yesterday: The Garage

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary/Oakland

By Amy M. Ho with Bobby Dean Evans, Jr. "Spaces From Yesterday" is a collaborative project between Amy M. Ho and incarcerated artists from San Quentin State Prison. The inmate artists are currently illustrating places that were significant to them before prison. Using these illustrations, Amy will create a series of large-scale video and architectural installations that transform the inmates' memories into real spaces and environments. The installations will not be recreations of the spaces exactly as they were but will explore the experience of remembering space instead. The first installation will be a recreation of a garage workspace from the childhood home of Bobby Evans.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Spaces From Yesterday: The Garage :

Working in collaboration with incarcerated artists from San Quentin State Prison, Amy M. Ho’s current project explores the parameters of intimacy, memory and sense of place. Inmate artists are invited to illustrate places of personal significance from memory and Ho employs this ephemera to recreate these spaces through site-specific architectural installation and video. Must see.

Event Info
Aug 05 → Sep 29
Thu-Sat noon-6 pm; First Fri until 8 pm
Chandra Cerrito Contemporary/Oakland
480 23rd Street, Oakland
Info: 510/260-7494
Venue: 510/260-7494
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