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Letterform Archive

Letterform Archive organizes courses and workshops; hosts lectures by visiting artists and designers from all over the world; issues publications; curates exhibitions; puts on public events such as brunches and receptions; and digitizes materials in high fidelity to share on the web. Visit the website for details.

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock had to say about Ongoing Programs :

OK, font/design/letterpress nerds—this one’s for you. The Letterform Archive opened a year ago with more than 15,000 physical and digital artifacts, including books, journals, posters, drawings and prints, among other ephemera, all focused on the beauty of letter forms throughout history. Featuring courses and workshops as well as public events with visiting artists.

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Jan 01 → Dec 31
Tue-Fri by appt.
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Letterform Archive
1001 Mariposa Street, Unit 307, San Francisco
Info: 415.802.7485
Venue: 415.802.7485
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