Coit Tower Murals Restoration

San Francisco Arts Commission

The second floor restoration work, which was led by Architectural Resources Group (ARG) Conservation Services and Anne Rosenthal Fine Art Conservation, is the final piece in what has been the most extensive restoration effort in the Tower's 80-year history. Accessible only to guided tour groups due to limited space capacity, the second floor murals include renowned W.P.A artist Lucien Labaudt's sweeping panorama of Powell Street and the Tower's only fresco-secco mural by Jane Berlandina, which has been restored for the first time. The professionally run docent tours run every day of the week and provide an accurate historic account of the murals and the artists responsible for the unique pieces of art. To schedule a tour, please visit

This is what SF/Arts curator Christian L. Frock has to say about Coit Tower Murals Restoration :

These murals were painted in 1934 as part of the Public Works of Art Project, preceding the Works Progress Administration (WPA); they depict Depression-era Californian life and were considered radical statements for the time, inciting heated controversy that lead to padlocking the tower for a while and painting over certain sections. Recently restored, they are a San Francisco must-see.

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